Egyptian singer and mother infected with Corona virus


Source: Cairo- Ahmed Al-Reedy

A new infection is witnessing the Egyptian artistic community, after the announcement of the singer Nihal Nabil’s infection with the Corona virus, which affected her and her mother, and obliged them to isolate the home.

Nihal Nabil
Nihal Nabil

Where the Egyptian singer Mai Farouk announced the injury of her colleague through her account on the social networking site “Facebook”, after which Nihal Nabil revealed that she had conducted a smear to make sure, and the positive of her own sample and her mother proved, so that the couple would be transferred to the quarantine in order to receive treatment and submit to follow-up in Their condition has remained stable for the time being.

Nihal Nabil, who recently collaborated with Asala in the “Shamekh” clip, where she took over the directing process, so Asala was keen to provide moral support to her.

After Asala published her friend’s photo, she asked her fans and fans to invite her to pass through her ordeal, especially as life desperately needs her because she is pure and ambitious.

Asala talked about her, saying, “She is my sister, my dear sister, and a success and compassionate partner … Every second, I ask my Lord to return you and your dear mother to your home to decorate you … You are completely healthy and well, O Lord of the Worlds.”


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