Elisa Htagnilk at home online


Actress Elisa is preparing for the appearance today, Thursday, in a live broadcast with her fans, in light of the current Corona virus crisis.

Elisa posted a video through her official account on “Instagram” and commented on it, saying: “In cooperation with the General Entertainment Authority, Rotana and the technical office of MBC Group … they present # Compliments_Macakam waiting for us to broadcast live on.” # ShahidVIP today in 10:00 pm Saudi time @audiorotan.

It is noteworthy that the song of the past of the Lebanese artist Elissa achieved 2 million views 10 days after its launch on its official YouTube site.

The words of the meanings say: “I want someone to spend everything that killed you .. I embrace my heart and sense that I have embraced you .. I want someone to see you if you are too long .. Sit the pogo this time and hope you .. my love.”

With every excuse in me and you together .. In my memories related to the past of fancy .. My heart is wounded, I don’t have a death .. Oh, with the death of the feast of death, I killed you .. I left the forgotten date alone and with me the memory of yesterday’s evening .. The one after me was in prison. ”

The song is written by Siham Shaashaa, composed by Mohamed Rahim, and distributed by Kamil Khoury.


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