“England’s Bubbles” .. What do you mean and what is its relationship to sex during the time of Corona?


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In the context of a gradual easing of the general closure imposed to stem the spread of the Corona virus, the British government allowed the formation of social “bubbles” in England, according to a report published by BBC Arabic.

From Saturday, adults who live alone – or single parents of children under the age of 18 – are entitled to form a “bubble” with residents of another home.

A bubble means a group of people who can communicate closely. Consequently, some people were finally able to get a kiss, hug or have sex after waiting for three months.

For those who share their homes with others, there is a dilemma. For a person outside the dwelling to form a bubble with one of the housing partners, deprives the other partners of entering into other bubbles.

So how do the housing partners decide which one will get the right to form a bubble?

“It was the easiest option in my life. I’m going to have a bubble with my partner, ”a woman named Kate told the BBC.

Kate was fortunate to have her home partners give her the green light to form a bubble.

“They told me I could be the one who could widen its bubble. My birthday was a few days ago, so I got this possibility as a gift. ”

What kinder them. But the situation is not so smooth in each case.

A Twitter user named SpaceBB wrote a tweet in which he said sarcastically, “Wow! Because my partner in the apartment hosted her boyfriend in her bubble, there was no bubble left for me. ”

The authorities will not monitor the new facilities, so there is a high probability that home residents will break the rules. But what about those who try to be right?

One way to choose is to do a job interview, as each of the house’s partners reviews their reasons for forming a bubble.

But for others, even the opportunity to talk to dwelling partners about which one is right is not even available.

Among them is Claire de Souza, who said on Twitter: “I thought I could make a bubble because I’m single. It turns out that if you have a housing partner, only one of you is entitled to an external bubble. “He (my partner) is already in a bubble with his partner.”

The bubble system is currently applied in England only, as the rest of the UK is getting out of the lockdown in various ways.

One method of choosing between housing partners is to grant the right to form a bubble to a person who has remained without sex for the longest time.

If the conditions of the partners of the same dwelling are similar, then the lottery may be the solution.

“It’s a stressful experience, but everyone is required to be calm,” says Gabriela Miller, a lifestyle coach specializing in crisis management.

Gabriella calls on people to remember that the situation will change and there will be an opportunity to meet their loved ones.

She also says that we must ask a question: Is it worth the situation to enter into a conflict with others because of it? Gabriella believes that the situation requires selfishness.

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