Ethiopia: We reached an understanding with Egypt and Sudan about the first stage


10:40 PM

Sunday 14 June 2020


The Ethiopian authorities announced that they had reached an understanding with Egypt and Sudan on the first stage of filling the Renaissance Dam through the ongoing negotiations for the fourth day.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Irrigation confirmed, in a statement, reported by the network “Russia Today”, that the 3 countries “have reached, based on the schedule of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, an understanding about storage in the first stage, the volume of flow from the environment, basic rules for the first filling and ways to deal with combating drought “During this period.

The Ministry also added that negotiations between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan culminated in an understanding on the rules for ensuring security in the dam and studying the implications of its work in relation to the environment and social environment.

Ethiopia confirmed that the goal of the negotiations is to reach an agreement on the initial storage and annual operation of the Renaissance Dam, and there is no discussion regarding the distribution of the Blue Nile waters between the three countries.

Khartoum has hosted since June 11, negotiations between the irrigation ministers of Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan over the Renaissance Dam crisis, amid severe disputes between the parties.

This was the spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Mohamed El Sebai, said on Saturday that he is not optimistic about achieving any breakthrough or progress in the ongoing negotiations on the Renaissance Dam, due to the continued Ethiopian intransigence, which was evident during the meetings that are currently taking place between the ministers of water resources in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

The spokesperson said in a press statement that Masrawy obtained a copy of it, that while Egypt showed more flexibility during the talks and accepted a compromise paper prepared by the brotherly Republic of Sudan, which is suitable to be a basis for negotiations between the three countries, Ethiopia has progressed during the ministerial meeting held on Thursday 11 June 2020, with a disturbing proposal that includes its vision of the rules for filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, as it is a technical and legal breach of the proposal.

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