Facebook is testing the “dark mode” on its Android and IOS applications


You may not have to rely on your computer if you want to browse Facebook in the dark mode, after reports of color change appeared, Facebook confirmed to SocialMediaToday that it is testing a dark mode in its mobile applications, but this feature is currently only available for “A small percentage” of users are around the world right now, according to the spokesperson.

According to the US engadget website, it is possible that this feature will not arrive soon, but at the same time, Facebook is seeking to release this feature more widely to more users around the world.

Facebook had already brought the dark mode to a number of apps, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, but it is not certain why the main mobile app is the last in the queue, but SMT indicated that Facebook has a huge number of mobile phone users ( 3 billion are active through its various applications on a monthly basis).

It would make sense for Facebook to be cautious about putting up a dark situation in its main app when any errors or design issues could affect a large portion of its audience.


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