Fahad Al-Fahad defies Yasmin Sabry in a Michael Kors dress


It went Kuwaiti fashinista victory Al-Fahd On the star trail Egyptian Yasmine Sabry, As both starred in a breathtaking blue summer dress.

Al-Fahd wins a dress from Michael Kors

While she starred Yasmine Sabry A maxi dress and off-sholder design by Elisabetta Franchi, the fashion house Leopard beat She chose a broken dress up to the knees with no sleeves at all, designed by Michael Kors, and its price reaches 94 Kuwaiti dinars, or about 1240 SAR.

Leopard beat

Fouz Al-Fahad posted some shots in her new dress through her account on “Instagram”, where she received positive comments from her followers, because the color of the dress highlights the beauty of her bronze skin and its price was reasonable compared to the group of her luxurious clothes that she appeared recently.

Leopard beat

Fouz Al-Fahd Summer Fashion

And varied Fouz Al-Fahad Fashion Between practical and classic, and what suits daily looks as well as evening parties, she even chose some look for beachwear.

The Kuwaiti fashionista wardrobe is not without T-shirt in a variety of designs, as it is coordinated with denim trousers with multiple modern patterns that show its vitality and simplicity.

But she also chose other outfits in a variety of fabrics such as chiffon, silk, satin, lacy and even comfortable linen. The designs also varied between loose dresses and other body-specific dresses, as well as elegant pants and blouses that are increased by femininity and vitality.

Marriage win leopard

Kuwaiti fashinista celebrated her wedding suddenly to her groom, businessman Ahmed Al-Sarraf, in a simple ceremony that brought together the two families in mid-March, following the precautionary measures used to fight Corona Virus Block gatherings.

It appeared Leopard beat At her wedding with a jumpsuit similar to the wedding dress, it is a white embroidered chiffon, where she announced to her fans that she canceled many arrangements in implementation of the laws of the state to combat the spread of Corona virus infection, as she held a simple party that was limited to family attendance only.

Although Fahad Al-Fahad was keen to hide the identity of her groom and not show his shape through the social media, she published a photo of the wedding invitation that clearly showed his name and family’s title, which is the young businessman Abdullatif Ahmed Al-Sarraf, the grandson of the businessman Abdullatif Al-Sarraf, where some reports stated that the groom’s mother She opposed marriage because of the age difference between them, but Fawad Al-Fahad later announced that her husband was not younger than her and it is not true what was rumored to be 8 years younger than her.


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