Farah Bseisu comments on her image and confirms her pride in her Palestine


After a recent photo of Farah Bseisu spread and appeared with features of age and appeared clearly on her face, she commented on the image being made through her personal account on the social networking site Instagram.

Farah Bseisu comments on her current image, which sparked controversy:

Farah Bseisu commented on the image that was spread and said that the audience is strange. Whenever an artist appears, and she performs a plastic surgery, the audience will criticize her and the same thing if the opposite occurs as well.

As for her place of residence, Farah said that she is presently in the state of California in the United States of America, where she lives with her husband and children, and about the question in her dialect she commented and said that she is Palestinian.

That is why she speaks in the Palestinian dialect and mostly she does not speak the Syrian accent except in the works that she presents and completed through her talk and she said we are all Arabs in the end and the more the actor mastered the more dialects the better in his work.

She talked about her opinion of the artist Nisreen Tafesh and said that she is a talented artist and that she has already discovered her talent through the series of Kings of the Sects and has completed her words and said that they participated together in the series Sweetness of the Soul.

She talked about the position that brought them together and said that the actress Nisreen Tafis wanted to leave the acting institute and advised her to continue, then she finished her words and said Khali Nisreen remained what tells the details.


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