Farah Bseisu comments on her latest photo … and cherishes her “Palestinian”


After her photos were recently circulated and the features of aging appeared on her face, Palestinian artist Farah Bseisu came out of her silence, and surprised her fans with Live through “Instagram”.Farah said about the image that was circulated, that the audience is strange. If any artist appears and has resorted to plastic surgery, the audience will criticize her, and likewise in the opposite case.

About her place of residence, Farah said that she is currently in California, USA, where she lives with her husband and children.

When asked about her dialect, Bseisu said that she is Palestinian and therefore speaks the Palestinian accent, and usually only speaks in Syria in the works she provides.

On her opinion of the artist Nisreen Tafesh, she said that she is a talented artist, and that she discovered her talent in the series “Kings of the Sects” and added that they participated together in the series “Sweetness of the Soul”.

Farah talked about the position of the two of them when Tafesh wanted to leave the acting institute and advised her to continue and ended her words, “Let Nisreen tell me what happened to the details.”

It is reported that Bseisu married an Egyptian businessman, gave birth to two daughters, and retired from acting and applying for her family.

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