Faraj Amer Laila Koura: We are ready to return to the league at any time


Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, said that the Alexandria team is ready to resume the Premier League competition at any time, and that the technical staff, led by Hamada Sedky, is following up with the players first, until they are in complete physical readiness to return.

Amer added, in exclusive statements to “Yalla Koura”: “Of course, I hope the league will return again, but with certain procedures and controls, and in the end I respect the decision of the Egyptian state because the safety of everyone is above any consideration.”

The President of Smouha spoke of the fact that his club negotiated the inclusion of Al-Ahly player Saleh Juma, saying: “We did not talk to the player or his club about contracting with him, because the vision is still vague and there is nothing clear until we start building for the next season.”

Faraj Amer concluded: “The same situation for the trio Salah Mohsen, Nasser Maher and Mohamed Abdel Moneim, we have not decided their fate until now whether to extend their loan or not, and the vision will become clear during the coming days for everyone, and at that time we will search all the files related to the team in order to provide the technical staff with all means of stability in order to Success in his mission. ”


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