Fears of a second wave of corona appearing .. Learn about the price of gold today, June 17, 2020


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Gold prices globally recorded stability, at the beginning of trading today, Wednesday, compared to prices yesterday, where the price of an ounce reached 1727 dollars.

To record the price of a gram of “24 carat” gold, the Egyptian jeweler 885 pounds, while “21 caliber” recorded 775 pounds, and “18 carat” recorded 665 pounds, while the price of a gram of “14 carat” gold recorded 515 pounds, and the price of gold reached 6220 pounds Pounds, which are the same prices yesterday in the local market.

Amir Rizk, a member of the Gold Division, said that the stability of gold prices is a result of the tense political and economic conditions in the world, which led to the suspension of purchase orders on the global stock exchanges, for fear of the emergence of a second wave of Corona virus «Covid 19».

He added: “Gold prices in Egypt are affected by the price of an ounce globally, and the price of the dollar, and they cannot be interfered with by traders, who calculate the price by hitting the international price in the price of the dollar, and through that the prices are determined.”

A member of the Gold Division affirmed that the Egyptian market suffers from a complete stagnation in the movement of buying and selling, as a result of the deterioration of the financial situation of the family, which does not allow the purchase of gold.

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