“FIFA” notifies Al-Ahly of preventing the Sfaxian from registering, and the circumstances delay the implementation


Al-Ahly received a notification from the FIFA, in which the latter confirms that the former received a ruling against the Tunisian club Al-Safaqsaki regarding late dues of the Red Castle at the Tunisian club, the latter refused to pay it throughout the last period, so it was not from Al-Ahly that the case went up to the federation International Football.

Al-Ahly has decided to escalate its crisis with Sfaxien For FIFA, after the Tunisian club failed to pay the sum of 125 thousand dollars, the previous Al-Ahly board headed by Mahmoud Taher mistakenly transferred this amount to Sfaxian, which represents the sponsorship of the Nigerian Junior Ajay player, and it was decided to transfer this amount to the Nigerian club Lyon, and Al-Ahly also tried to collect this amount in ways A friend from Sfaxi, and the latter transferred only 25,000, but he remained stalling for a long time in transferring 100 thousand dollars, so the current National Council headed by Mahmoud El-Khatib decided to escalate the matter to the International Football Association to restore the rights of the Red Fort.

It was learned, “The Seventh Day”, that Al-Ahly received a ruling from “FIFA” that it had the right to recover 100 thousand dollars with Sfaxian, and that FIFA will prevent the Tunisian club from being registered due to its failure to pay Al-Ahly’s dues. Sfaxi is from the limitation after the Tunisian club asked to see the merits of the ruling issued in favor of Al-Ahly, explaining that Al-Ahly won this case because it was right and that he submitted documents confirming the validity of his position through his Swiss lawyer Monterrey.

Al-Ahly is awaiting the Tunisian club to pay 100 thousand dollars within days, so that the ban ban will not be activated during the next summer transfer market.


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