FilGoal | News | Ajay: I have a good relationship with Shikabala .. and a single case may make me play for Zamalek


Al-Ahly striker Junior Ajayi, a Nigerian striker, talked about his relationship with Mahmoud Abdel Razzaq, “Shikabala”, the leader of Zamalek, and also talked about the possibility of moving to Zamalek.

He hoped to play next to Mohamed Abu Trika in Al-Ahly.

The Al-Ahly striker talked about his relationship with the leader of Zamalek, saying: “When I play good games, Shikabala sends me a blessed message as I do so, and I have good relations with more than one player outside of Al-Ahly.”

“After the last super match in the Emirates, Shikabala sent me a message and he said good luck to me, and I responded to his message with the blessing of victory. There is a good relationship between us, and football is friendship and sportsmanship.”

And about playing next to Abu Trika, “Everyone knows Mohamed Barakat and Mohamed Abu Trika in addition to Imad Mitib, all of them are great players, from the inception of Al-Ahly until the current time and I was hoping to play alongside them.”

“Despite those names, but I was hoping to play alongside Mohamed Abu Trika, he is a player who made great achievements, and he retired soon, and I was hoping to play with him on the field.”

In response to the possibility of wearing the Zamalek shirt: “I will not move to the ranks of Zamalek Club once and for all if negotiations happen, and I will not move to Zamalek unless Zamalek negotiates with Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly agrees to that offer.”

He concluded, “If I went out to become a professional in Europe and left Al-Ahly and Zamalek entered into negotiations with me, I will not return to playing in Egypt except for Al-Ahly Club only.”

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