FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly calls on the media to implement its decisions towards the Zamalek channel … and a new complaint against Murtada


Al-Ahly lodged a new complaint with the Supreme Council for Media Regulation against Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek.

Al-Ahly revealed through its official website Al-Ahly club sent a new complaint today, Monday, to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, against the excesses of the President of Zamalek Club and his insistence to break all ethics rules, and that he made false accusations against Al-Ahly and his officials.

He added “The club’s complaint came less than 24 hours before the official statement announced by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, in which it affirmed the representatives of the two clubs,” Al-Ahly and Zamalek “, yesterday, Sunday, not to touch the other in the media platforms or interfere in its affairs, and at the time that Al-Ahly club adhered to what was stated in the statement of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, the President of Zamalek struck the statement, including the display of the wall, and they were not tired that the statement included the cancellation of licenses for any media platform that deviates from the text.

The text of the supreme statement of the media: “As the council affirms its keenness to fulfill its role and adherence to the values, ethics, professional standards and media codes, the council has decided to compel both clubs to remove the violating content, and has decided to continue monitoring committees to follow up what is issued by the clubs newspapers, channels and sites, and in the event of a violation again, canceling the licenses of the means Violation will be the way to confront an attempt to stir discord and not adhere to ethical and professional values ​​».

Al-Ahly completed it through its website Yesterday, the President of Zamalek took a position that publicly translated his underestimation of one of the state’s institutions, and he went out on the screen of his club’s channel to denounce the accusations and spread the lies, questioning the supervisory authorities in the state that respected and appreciated them, and he kept repeating false statements regarding the file of donations that were all resolved by that, and confirmed Safety and integrity of the work of Al-Ahly’s Board of Directors.

He continued “The club asked in its complaint today: What is the relationship of the Zamalek club with donations specific to Al-Ahly Club? Oh God, the President of Zamalek exploited his club’s channel and promoted his work as a lawyer who presented more than 60 communications in this regard, all of them were preserved for the safety and transparency of the position of Al-Ahly and its council, which makes Public opinion is baffled by the overlapping of interests and a lawyer taking advantage of a large sports club channel and its programs for long hours to promote communications he presented as an attorney in his original capacity and earning them as a private business, which is a breach of exploitation and strange employment of public affairs capabilities for private benefit.

And more “The club’s complaint stated that it overflowed with its full responsibility, after numerous complaints were submitted to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation without there being a deterrent decision for this transgressing person. Al-Ahly called on the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to implement its decision referred to in its statement yesterday, which was published on its website The official: to take legal measures against the president of Zamalek Club and prevent him from appearing in the media and withdrawing the licenses of the Zamalek channel, in line with what was committed by the Supreme Council for Media itself.

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