FilGoal | News | Al-Sakka: Completing the league is almost impossible … and an unanswered question for the Football Association


Abdel-Zahir El-Saqqa, sporting director of the Egyptian club, believes that it is almost impossible to complete the league championship for the current season.

Al-Saqa and justified his belief, “There is a big problem represented in the pressure of the matches, because it is not a matter of 4 or 5 games, but 17 complete rounds.

He added through the radio program, One To, “It is many details and strange to us, and the error rate is great. Will there be an observer for the clubs to assess the extent of their commitment to the instructions and guidance.”

“What if 4 or 7 players are injured in the same position? How will we start?” Asked Abdul-Zahir Al-Saqqa.

He continued, “We are convinced that the Corona virus continues with us for a short time. I seek an excuse for all officials, whether the Ministry of Sports or the Football Association, they are facing an unprecedented decision and position.”

“My question is for Football Association officials, why not consult with clubs? It is an unanswered question like Corona … How do we solve it by ignoring the party that will implement the decisions, I don’t understand that.”

And the sports director of the Egyptian club completed his statements, “There must be a collective discussion to face any crisis. This is what must be done between the clubs and the Football Association and the ministries of health and sport in order to prepare the decision.”

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