FilGoal | News | Among them is a discussion of the return of sports activity .. A spokesman for the ministers reveals the scenes of the crisis committee meeting


Counselor Nader Saad, a cabinet spokesman, revealed the scenes of what happened in the crisis committee meeting to discuss the gradual return of various life activities, including sports.

Nader Saad told reporters: “We discussed the return of religious rituals, sports and cultural activities, and the resumption of tourism and aviation.”

He explained, “The controls set by the Ministry of Endowments regarding the gradual return to the establishment of religious rituals in mosques have been reviewed, and the efforts and procedures of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and civil aviation, regarding the resumption of foreign tourism and aviation movements have been reviewed.”

Nader Saad Wasel “The proposals of the Ministry of Youth and Sports regarding the gradual return of activities within sports and youth organizations were also presented, as well as the measures taken to resume cultural activities that belong to the Ministry of Culture. The position and procedures for the gradual resumption of the activities of the Ministry of Local Development and the governorates and their controls were also reviewed.”

A spokesman for the ministers completed, “In light of the follow-up of developments, during the next meeting of the committee, the progressive plan for the return of the proposed activities will be announced, with an emphasis on citizens’ commitment to the procedures for coexistence with the Corona virus and the precautionary controls it contains.”

The cabinet spokesman did not specify the date for the next meeting of the Corona Crisis Committee, which will witness the official announcement of the decisions.

Football activity in Egypt has been stalled since March 14, due to an outbreak of the Coruna virus.

Al-Ahly leads the Egyptian league standings with 49 points from 17 games, followed by Arab contractors with 33 points from 18 games, then Pyramids with 32 points from 18 games, then Zamalek comes with 31 points from 16 games.

In the landing struggle, Egypt Club is in last place with 11 points from 17 games, and Egypt is preceded by clearing with 14 points from the same number of matches, while Tigris played 18 games and collected 15 points, Tanta played 18 games and collected 16 points.

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