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In the presence of Taher Mohamed on the stadium last season, the Arab contractors scored 21 goals, 9 of them came with a direct contribution from the player, whom Al-Ahly announced his official wish to sign.

This is a huge percentage, 43% of the contractors’ goals in Tahir’s presence on the field (17 games) bore a direct imprint on him.

However, since Al-Ahly officially announced its desire to include Taher, there has been more talk about the reason for that desire, Is it a strengthening of the striker’s outright status or as a possible alternative to his likely departure, Ramadan Sobhi?

Despite his many injuries, the former French Le Havre player is one of the players whom critics and followers rank among the bright future players.

Taher’s level, especially in the last season, was enough to make him essential in the plans of Shawky Gharib before the Africa Cup of Nations under 23, but he suffered a pre-championship injury that reduced his numbers this season as well.

In most of his matches with contractors, the 23-year-old participated As a left wing Inside Forward tends to use his right foot, either in creating opportunities or for registration.

From that center too, most of its offensive supplies come.

But unlike Ramadan Sobhi, Taher does not tend to dribble too much. Taher is a player who prefers to use his leg to make the difference between him and the opponent’s defender, having 2.5 successful passes per game, but he is a player with abundant effort and returns the ball to his teammates more than 9 times per game.

Ramadan, by comparison, has 4.35 successful passes in the match and 9 successful defense interventions as well.

Taher has a high pass rate of 79%, which enables him to create the risk for his teammates a lot. But Ramadan is 83% superior to that statistic.

Taher also has a great tactical awareness and clear intelligence on the field in the disposition of the ball, and to demonstrate this, he did not fall into the offside trap last season only 3 times in 17 games.

Scoring, Taher contributes with a goal every 237 minutes, whether through registration or industry, while this percentage reaches Ramadan with 169 minutes, given the total march of the first with the contractors and the second with Al-Ahly.

To be clear, Tahar is not an outspoken attacker. Taher’s counted participation in the depth of the stadium is closer to that of the second striker, behind the No. 9 striker. Last season, for example, was Ahmed Ali.

But he sometimes participated as a right wing, and sometimes as a game maker.

One of Taher’s important advantages is that he is a versatile player in the offensive slot, more fluent in the left wing but does not suffer in the center of the right wing or the second striker.

So, with the possibility of his joining, and the probability of the possibility that Ramadan will not continue with Al-Ahly, then Taher’s primary competitor for a primary position on the offensive portico will be Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “electrified”.

Kahraba, who is 26 years old with Al-Ahly with the same strength that he had with Zamalek last season, where he played 10 games, scored 3 goals and made like them. Certainly, the difference between electrification in the current season and electrification last season before his departure from Zamalek on the pretext of the end of his contract – from his point of view, where Zamalek went to FIFA to complain to the player, which may add a period of suspension by the International Federation, something that the committee must take into account .

Last season, Kahraba contributed 13 goals and 16 industries to 43 matches in the Zamalek jersey, in one of the best seasons for the upcoming season, from the youth section of Enppi. Taher’s best seasons saw 3 goals and 6 goals.

Kahraba is distinguished by his great positivity on goal, in general and in comparison to Taher, and this is supported by the ability to be in places that allow him to score goals. Kahraba tries to score 4 times per game, and he has a great success in his shots reaching 100% this season before the league stopped.

Taher, on the other hand, tries 1.5 times on goal in one match, with a success rate of 38%.

Kahraba does not pass from his opponent in one position against one except in 2.63 occasions per game, Taher has an approximate ratio of 2.57 passes.

Defensively, Electra offers only 4.6 successful interventions per game, unlike Taher, who succeeds in 9 intervals per match.

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