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8 provides live and live coverage of the Brighton and Manchester United teams as part of Round 32 of the Premier League.

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The end of the match with a great victory for United with three goals without reply.

S 90: 3 minutes time is calculated as overtime.

S80: Two United exchanges with the exit of Marcel and Rashford, with the participation of Ijalo and Daniel James.

S 77: De Gea shines again and prevents Brighton from scoring the first goal in the match.

S 69: A powerful shot from Connolly and De Gea shines and turns the ball into a corner kick.

S 62: Three substitutions at once for United, with the exit of Pogba, Bruno, Luke Show, Brandon Williams, Scott Maktuminae and Andreas Pereira.

S 50: Gooooooooowo very fast rebound to United ends with a cross from Greenwood on the left side Bruno Fernandez met with a powerful shot with his right into the net.

The second half kicks off.

The end of the first half, United progressed two goals without a response.

S 45: Two minutes calculated in lieu of lost time.

S 30: Gooooooool, second United with a shot from Bruno Fernandez after a pass from Pogba hit the foot of the Brighton canners and nets.

S17: Goowool Greenwood scores United’s first goal with a brilliant left-footed shot.

S12: The left post is depriving United of a goal after a great shot by Bruno Fernandez.

Starting the match.


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