FilGoal | News | Former Media Director of CAF: I did not participate in setting criteria for choosing the Century Club … This was my mission


Viktin Gezmjian, former director of public relations and information in the African Union, denied his participation in setting the criteria for choosing the Century Club in Africa.

“In 1994 the African Union set the criteria for choosing the Club of the Century and I did not participate in setting these criteria,” Gezmjian said on the Zamalek channel.

“Mustafa Mourad Fahmy, Secretary-General of the African Union at the time, is the one who set the standards after the approval of the technical committee in the Union and the president of CAF,” he added.

“My task was to calculate the points of each club to determine who is the Horn of Africa Club.”

He concluded, “At that time, no one paid attention to these criteria and the method of choosing the Century Club.”

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