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On Tuesday, Al-Ahly’s Board of Directors issued five decisions, including removing the name Turki Al-Sheikh from the club’s honorary presidency and canceling the exceptions granted to team leader Hussam Ashour.

What are the scenes of those decisions? reveals.

Ashour and Turki Al-Sheikh

Initially, Al-Ahly’s board of directors did not seek to clash with the Sheikh’s family, but wanted, for the last moment, to extend bridges of cooperation and good relations.

Al-Ahly welcomed the idea of ​​honoring his player Hossam Ashour by setting up his retirement match between the club and the Spanish Almeria owned by the Sheikh family.

However, Al-Ahly was surprised by a strong attack on him, while his president, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, was busy with a crisis of his grandson’s illness and their fear of being infected with the Corona virus.

Despite informing the parties concerned because of Al Ahly’s delay in proceeding with the process of honoring Ashour, he was surprised that the team leader published a video of him criticizing his dealings with him, which caused great sadness in the club and the use of rhetoric that embarrassed the administration.

What was of the preacher was only a request from the director of the ball Abdul Sayed Hafeez as a punishment for violating the media ban in addition to his talk about his relationship with the club in public.

In turn, after a penalty was imposed on Ashour, Abdel Hafeez raised the player’s order to the planning committee that withdrew the exceptions granted to him and agreed upon with him in light of his retirement, which is the establishment of an retirement festival and his travel abroad to enter a period of living and appoint him to the club’s channel and work in the technical or administrative field as he wants.

So the meeting took place with the Legal Committee before making any decision so that every step is considered and legitimate.


During the meeting, a blame and a warning were issued to a member of the administration, Mohamed Serag El Din, for speaking on social media on internal affairs of the club and violating the administration’s decision to impose a media ban.

Siraj tried to justify his position, but there was insistence from the “old guard” in the Board of Directors on the necessity of entrenching the values ​​of the club’s decisions to the young members and that there was no way out of it whatever happened.

Century Club

As for the crisis of Al-Qarn Club and Al-Zamalek’s placement of the sign saying “The Real Century Club”, Al-Khatib studied with the Legal Committee how to defend the rights of the club after what was called “an unprecedented transgression of Zamalek” on the rights of Al-Ahly.

In the end, all of these decisions were approved unanimously, and there was no dissenting voice on any of the five decisions issued.

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