FilGoal | News | Klopp: Players will be shocked when I yell at Salah in the empty stands


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp knows that the English Premier League teams will face difficulties playing without fans when the competition returns this month, but he stressed that this is better than not playing games.

The English Premier League has stopped like all sports competitions in the world in recent months due to the spread of Corona virus, but the competition wheel will return to rotation on June 17.

“We are trying to simulate the new situation, to get used to it, we train at Anfield, and we play internal friendly games for that,” Klopp said in remarks to the BBC.

“When I shout as usual in the matches and say to Mohamed Salah I do this or that, the players will likely be shocked because my voice will be very loud.”

Salah’s team mates lead the championship 25 points behind Manchester City and they have 9 games left. Liverpool need 6 points to officially crown the title they have missed since the 1989-1990 season.

The German coach believes that playing the league matches without fans is better than not playing, and stressed his lack of interest in the issue of playing at home or on neutral courts, as some suggest.

“There will be some difficult matches waiting for us, and we will not benefit from the encouragement of our fans, but no other team will get help from their fans as well, so our position is like everyone, so I am not concerned about that.”

And the 2019 Champions League champion concluded: “We definitely love playing at Anfield, but we’ll play wherever you want, even if it’s on Mars.”

England clubs are constantly conducting medical examinations for their ingredients, in preparation for the return of the league.

Decisions varied among European countries after the suspension of football due to Coruna, in France the league was canceled and Paris Saint-Germain was crowned champion.

In the Netherlands the tournament was canceled and the title was not granted to any team, while the league resumed in Germany and the date for the return of the league was set in Italy, Spain and many countries.

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