FilGoal | News | Klopp: The rest period was like summer vacation .. Manny and Henderson benefited a lot


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp said his team had benefited a great deal from the recent sporadic soccer spillover due to an outbreak of the Coruna virus, as some of its players needed to rest.

Klopp spoke to the BBC, “The comfort was like a summer vacation, yes it was a little bit longer, but we were in touch with the players.”

“The players were busy and they came back with a wonderful body, and with some tests there are some of them who returned in better condition than last summer.”

“It was not like the vacation we wanted because it was a period full of mental stress and no one knew when that crisis would end and we were all concerned, but our bodies needed rest for the first time in years for some players,” Klopp continued.

“Jordan Henderson and Sadio Mane benefited a lot because they only had two weeks off in the last two summer holidays, so everything is good,” he added.

“But the challenge after that period without football was that all the players were training a lot every day without touching the ball and I was wondering how they would be? But at the moment everything looks good.”

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