FilGoal | News | Maran Al-Ahly – Saleh takes part in the first training for one group


For the first time since last March, the Al-Ahly team fully trained after proving the negativity of its two scans to detect corona virus patients.

Al-Ahly trained in one group today, Tuesday, after days of training in two groups, since authorizing the resumption of training, which was suspended last March due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Al-Marran witnessed the return of Saleh Juma to group training for the first time in months, where Al-Ahly’s official website said that Saleh Juma had undergone an intensive training program during the last period in the gym before returning to participate in the team’s team training.

Al-Maran began with a technical and theoretical lecture for the players at the Touch Stadium, where David Siza, the General Coach, and Mr. Abdul Hafeez, the ball director, were keen to talk with the players on the first day to play the training in one group instead of the two-group system.

The training took place at eight thirty in the morning on the island’s Touch Stadium, and the technical staff is keen to implement all precautionary measures in the exercises in order to maintain the safety of the players according to the official website of Al-Ahly.

Yankon Michel, the goalkeeper coach, led the four goalkeepers in Maran today for strong physical and technical training, as the goalkeepers went through; Sherif Ekramy, Mohamed El-Shennawy, Ali Lotfy, and Mostafa Schoubert, physically trained with the guards instructor for 15 minutes before starting the technical training.

Michel devoted part of the guards’ training to crosshairs, cross balls and other technical exercises.

The technical staff devoted part of the team’s training to a strong division along the stadium, and all players participated in a two-stage division under the supervision of Siza.

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