FilGoal | News | Mido Jaber: I am satisfied with my tenure with Al-Ahly..I wish to return to him again or professionally


Mido Gaber, the Egyptian clearing player, expressed his satisfaction with the period he spent with Al-Ahly before returning to the ranks of the Fayoumi team.

“Certainly there were times that were good and bad, but I am very satisfied with my tenure with Al-Ahly,” Mido Jaber said on “On Time Sports” channel on Tuesday.

“On leaving, I asked to leave for clearing for good, not on loan.”

He added, “I hope to return to my family in the future or external professionalism, and I work every day strongly and do not think of anything else, the most important thing is that I have any ambitious person.”

Mido Jaber revealed that he was going to move to Al-Ahly when he was a player in the ranks of aluminum in the second degree and said: “This happened while Alaa Abdel-Sadiq and Haitham Orabi were in Al-Ahly, but things did not happen.”

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