FilGoal | News | Moroccan report: Will Unagem follow in the footsteps of Azzaro and move to Saudi Arabia?


Mohamed Onajim, the winger of Zamalek, may move to Saudi Arabia on loan in the footsteps of his Moroccan national, Walid Azaru, for Al-Ahly, according to the Moroccan national team.

Azzaro moved to the Saudi agreement on loan to the end of the season.

Al-Mukhtab newspaper revealed that there are contradictory news regarding the future of Onajim with Zamalek and the failure to settle his fate, whether by continuing or leaving.

The report pointed out that Onajim might take the same path to Azzaro if the number of foreign professionals in Zamalek increased.

Onajem moved to Zamalek last season for three seasons, coming from Moroccan Wydad, accompanied by his compatriot Ashraf Bnachriqi.

The report indicated that there is an interest from the Saudi Al-Wahda team to include Mohamed Onajim, even if on loan.

The report revealed that Onajim, if he felt the desire of Zamalek to contract with foreign professionals in light of his contract for a period of 3 seasons, would be the closest is the transition to unity.

The newspaper report emphasized that the newspaper elected that Azzaros move to the agreement in the winter transfer market gave him a new outlet to get rid of the pressures and problems of suffering imposed by Ali Rene Vyler, coach of Al-Ahly.

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