FilGoal | News | Schaefer: I was close to Al Ahly training, but they hired Martin Ull


Former German coach Winfried Schaefer explained his approach earlier in Al Ahly’s training.

“I received an offer from Al-Ahly earlier, but the club’s management preferred to sign Martin Jol,” said Schaefer, 70.

He continued, “Send me a contract and it was clear, but I do not know what happened to change the contract with me at that time.”

Al-Ahly contracted in 2016 with Martin Jol who led the team to the league title and left after bidding farewell to the team from the round of 8 of the African Champions League.

He continued about the possibility of training in Egyptian football: “My career has not ended yet, and this may happen in the future.”

“The name of the club that I will be training in Egypt does not matter to me whether it is big or not, what is important is the availability of success factors,” said the current UAE coach, Baniyas.

“I saw the recent confrontation with Al-Ahly and Zamalek, it is important that the team’s goal is to achieve success and it is my goal,” he added.

He talked about his visit as a player to Egypt previously, saying: “As a player, I played a Borussia Monchengladbach shirt against Zamalek and Egypt in 1981, after that match I went back and spent two weeks vacationing in Egypt.”

The German turned to talk about Liverpool and Mohamed Salah, praising the Reds: “Liverpool is the best team and has a distinguished coach like Juergen Klopp, and we saw the difference he made with Manchester City thanks to a fast, advanced, strong ball and a big rush.”

“Mohamed Salah is a distinguished player and is in continuous development, as did Sadio Mane.”

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