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Barcelona tied at home to Atletico Madrid, two goals for each party at Camp Nou, in the 33rd round of the Spanish League.

Diego Costa and Lionel Messi scored Barcelonas two goals. While Saul Negis scored the goals of Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona would be satisfied with raising its score to 70 points in second place, behind Real Madrid, who scored 71 points, and the least match.

The difference with Real Madrid could deepen to 4 points if Al-Meringi succeeded in beating his neighbor Getafe on Thursday evening.

With Atletico Madrid raised its score to 59 points in third place, two points behind Seville fourth.

Diego Simeone’s knot continued, as Barcelona were not beaten in the League for match 16.

But in contrast, Saul’s magic wand worked as efficiently as all the previous appointments.

When Saul scores, his team does not lose, 39 matches in which he scored, and his team has never lost in what is like a spell.

Meanwhile, Atleticos victory over Barcelona at Camp Nou was postponed, a victory that has been absent since the 2005/2006 season.

But Atletico continued the unbeatable streak and raised it to 13 games in a row, while Barcelona also maintained a unbeaten record at home in the league this season.

Leo Messi finally scored his 700th career goal after trying for several games, but he will not celebrate the perfect image after his team faltered.

Barcelona tied with the same result against Celta Vigo two days ago, and he had drawn against Sevilla without goals, and the league title appears to be on its way to the capital Madrid.


The exciting match started since the formation of the two teams, Barcelona coach Kiki Seten changed the way he played, relying on 4-4-2 in the presence of the brilliant youngster Ricky Puig in the middle of the field.

To become Leo Messi and Luis Suarez as the only offensive duo, Antoine Griezmann is forced to watch his former and current teammates off the bench.

In contrast, Diego Simeone relied on his preferred 4-4-2 method, with Marcos Llorente being employed as a right wing, and Yannick Carrasco as a left wing, behind the attackers Angel Martin Correa and Diego Costa.

The Atletico replacements benchmark has prominent offensive names such as: Joao Felix, Alvaro Morata, and Vitolo.

Costa is good, bad and ugly

In the first quarter of an hour, Diego Costa took the lead at all touching moments, playing all possible roles, between the best of them, or even the villain more often.

In the sixth minute, the Spanish striker of Brazilian origin almost scored after a cross sent by his teammate Carrasco towards the goal, but the ball passed slightly ahead of Costas foot.

In the eighth minute, teammate Thomas Parti slowed the ball off, to be missed by Ivan Rakitic, and fired a shot that was the first test for Jan Oblak, who excelled in bouncing the ball.

Costa then reappeared in the 11th minute, but heroically, when Leo Messi drove away the tricky terrestrial shot that targeted the narrow, lower corner of the Opelac goal.


A few seconds later, Costa was subjected to the same test, by the same professor, Messi, but the result was completely opposite.

Instead of costing Costa Messi’s corner kick into the near post, he put the ball into the net, scoring the first goal back in his sphere.

Barcelona is the team that has most benefited from reverse goals in the history of the Spanish League, as its rivals scored in the net of their teams 140 goals.

The progress was short-lived

Barcelonas progress in the match lasted only 7 minutes.

A genius breakthrough from Carrasco in the 15th minute, during which he ousted Gerard Pique and then dodged Arturo Vidal, for the latter to block him inside the restricted area; It resulted in a penalty kick for Roquebelancos.

Costa wanted to atone for his guilt, so he tried to score from the penalty spot as he did a few days ago against Deportivo Alaves, but Mark Andre Ter Teregen successfully saved the kick in the 16th minute.

Amid the screams of Barcelona players full of joy, referee Hernandez Hernandez put his hand on the headphone and received the decision from the video technique: return the kick due to Ter Stegen’s advance we accept the moment of the shot, and the German gets a yellow card.

This time Costa disappeared, and he decided to hide after the first minutes stubbornly left him, and left the lead to his colleague Saul Nijis who shot back in the left corner of Ter Stegen, and returned Atletico to the match with a tie goal.


After the crazy start, the first half calmed down somewhat, minutes that Leo Messi, who fired a super-volley in the 22nd minute, attempted to smash into the right post of Oplac and knew her way out of the field, depriving the flea of ​​his 700th goal.

Messi tried again from a direct free kick in the 42nd minute, collided with Saul’s head in the human wall, to compel Oblak to make a superb response that turned away the danger, and ended the first half with a score.

Penalties and penalty kicks … and penalty kicks

The second half was no less exciting than its predecessor, so the arbitration decisions increased by flame.

The first decision was in the 49th minute when the referee awarded a penalty kick to Barcelona after Felipe interfered in Simidos right.

For Messi to advance, He scored his 700th goal from a penalty kick

Legend Messi has scored 700 goals for Barcelona and the Argentine national team throughout his professional career, becoming the second player of the current generation to reach this number after his rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi also raised his score to 22 goals in the Spanish league this season, more than any other player.

Messi also scored his 57th goal from a penalty kick in his Spanish league career, overtaking Ojo Sanchez (56), and succeeding Cristiano Ronaldo (61).

The goal is Messi’s 26th in the net against Atletico, to be his second favorite victim behind Seville (29).

In the 61st minute, Messi scored his name in the match record again, but by obtaining a yellow card after protesting the referee’s decision to hit the ball hard outside the field.

Karasco and Saul again

Carrasco also obtained a penalty in the first half, which he returned and repeated in the second half. As Saul scored from the penalty spot in the first half, he came back and repeated it also in the second half.

The 62nd minute was a testimony to the gaffe of Simedo, who obstructed one of the stars of the match, to Hernandez Hernandez claim a third penalty in the match.

In a semi-carbon scenario, Saul rushed and hit the left of Ter Stegen again, but the difference was that the German was close to deporting this time, without success, to make Atletico equalize in the 63rd minute.

The two coaches moved, sending Citin to Serge Roberto instead of Rakitic. Meanwhile, Simeone withdrew from Llorente and replaced him with Joao Felix, transforming Coria into the center of the right winger.

The changes continued, so Murata entered instead of Costa, and Thomas Lemar instead of Carrasco, the star of the match.

On the other hand, Cityen hired youngster Anso Fati in the 85th minute, without turning to Griezmann, who continued to warm up.

In the 90th minute, it was Cittin’s decision to finally insert Griezmann instead of Vidal.

The changes did not make a difference, so the match ended in a tie just as it started, amid joys in the capital Madrid.

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