FilGoal | News | So as not to miss a footballing Tuesday with a taste before Corona … a summary of Al Ahly’s decisions, a Turkish response, Murtaza’s attack, Ashour’s position, and tip


Do you remember the soccer day Tuesday in the era before the spread of the Corona virus when it was full today with many European Champions League matches, and with it sometimes matches in the Egyptian League and also some crises on the Egyptian football scene?

With the exception of the matches only due to the cessation of sports activity, yesterday Tuesday was a day full of important news and strong football events that are not repeated frequently, to remind us of the previous Tuesday soccer days that we knew before the Coruna.

A day full of important news, strong announcements and unrepeatable events in Egyptian football.

Beginning with the decisions of Al Ahly’s Board of Directors regarding what happened in the previous days related to the game of captain Hossam Ashour, the captain of the team, and also the Turkish Al Sheikh attack, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority and owner of the Spanish club Almeria.

Then Turki Al-Sheikh responded to Al-Ahly’s statement.

Hosam Ashour’s future with Al Ahly and the Pyramids Club announcement to obtain the signature of Sherif Ekrami, goalkeeper of the Red Castle.

Finally, the statements of Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, during which he attacked the administration of the Red Castle because of the statement issued by the Council. reviews all of Tuesday’s football events, in chronological order.

10:20 AM

Al-Janaini: The resumption of the league is contained and Al-Ahly is crowned champion if the cancellation is “excluded” .. and the position of the cup

11:00 AM

Al-Ahly Council meets at noon by video

11:30 AM

Report: June 17 decided the fate of the European Champions League … the closest cancellation of home and away and his stay in Portugal

12:00 PM

Al-Nini is close to leaving Besiktas

2:50 PM

The head of the Esperance Legal Committee sets off a surprise: the Champions League final may be repeated

4:45 PM

5 fiery decisions of Al-Ahly Council: Lift Al-Sheikh’s name from the list of honorary presidents … and cancel Ashur’s exceptions

4:50 PM

Because of the Century Club banner .. Al-Ahly submits a complaint to the Minister of Sports and submits an official communication and a lawsuit

5:17 PM

Turki Al-Sheikh: Finally, Al-Ahly accepted my resignation. The ball is now in the Sports Minister’s stadium

6:30 PM

Al-Ahly’s legal advisor explains to Al-Joule: Why the club raised the name Turki Al-Sheikh from the honorary presidency and did not accept his resignation

6:40 PM

Al-Ahly legal advisor reveals to Al-Joule details of Zamalek’s prosecution for Al-Qarn Club

8:30 PM

Zizou: Everything is known … Ekrami has signed his transfer contract to Pyramids

11:15 PM

Former Media Director of CAF: I did not participate in setting criteria for choosing the Century Club … This was my mission

11:50 PM

Hani Saeed: Zizou got mixed up with it .. Pyramids didn’t sign my tip yet

12:30 AM

Ikrami on his move to Pyramids: In due course, I will announce everything

12:50 AM

Ajay: Azaru’s departure? Barcelona can sign a coach and ask for Messi’s departure … and I miss Al-Saeed very much

01:05 AM

Ajay: I have a good relationship with Shikabala .. and a single case may make me play for Zamalek

01:10 AM

Mourtada: The lawyer assigned to Zamalek to follow up on the case colluded with Al-Naqaz

01:15 AM

Murtada responds to Al-Ahly’s statement with 10 fiery messages: We endured what human beings cannot bear and how you will return the gifts of the Sheikh

Mahmoud Al-Khatib
          Turki Al-Sheikh
          Mourtada Mansour
          Hossam Ashour
          Sherif Ekramy


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