FilGoal | News | Sports Minister: August is the appropriate date for the return of sports activity … and a critical decision next week


Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Sports, said that August is the appropriate time for the return of sports activity in Egypt with all the games, and his speech was not limited to football only.

The Minister of Sports Channel “Online Time Sports”, saying: “training sports teams will not return before the start of next month. In the period from 15 June until the end of the month will be sterilized gyms with the start of the return of staff and departments.”

“The clubs are back to training starting next July and need a month to prepare to resume the activity again.”

Ashraf Sobhi added, “So August is the appropriate date for the return of sports activity in Egypt.”

Before he turns away, “the state is keen to restore sports activity and the final position is determined at the beginning of next week, specifically Saturday or Sunday”

And about the cost of returning the league will cost 90 million pounds, he said: “It will be less than that.”

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