FilGoal | News | Suarez: I am angry … our coaches have to explain our troubles outside our stadium


Barcelona player Luis Suarez was upset after faltering and losing two points at Celta Vigo.

Barcelona contented to a 2-2 draw at Palados Stadium, In the 32nd round of the Spanish league.

Suarez said after the meeting: “My feelings are negative because we lost two important points and now we have to win all matches in addition to Real Madrid faltering, we have an angry feeling.”

What happens outside the Barcelona stadium? A question that Suarez answered in anger: “The coaches are responsible for interpreting what is happening. We lost important points outside our stadium that we are not used to losing in previous seasons.”

He added: “Celta Vigo has players of high quality, and the free kick by Aspas proves that.”

“I am happy to help the team, but I am angry at losing two points,” he commented, scoring two goals.

Luis Suarez scored Barcelonas two goals by Leo Messi, while Fedor Smolov and Iago Aspas scored Celta goals.

To lift Barcelona to 69 points in the first place temporarily, one point behind Real Madrid, who plays its match in this round Sunday evening against Espanyol.

While Celta Vigo raised its score to 34 points in 16th place, 8 points behind the nearest drop-points.

Barcelona could not defeat Celta Vigo at the stadium in Palados, the sixth season in a row, as the last Blaugrana victory dates back to April 2014 with the goal of Jeremy Matteo.

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