FilGoal | News | The President of Naples: Sari betrayed me after I bet on him while at Empoli


Dino de Laurentes, Napoli president, still feels the bit of Maurizio Sari’s sudden departure from the team’s training in the summer of 2018.

A few hours before they fought the Italian Cup, de Laurentes recalled how Sari left Napoli to coach Chelsea.

“Sari Khanni, he left Naples on the pretext of ridiculous money,” De Laurentiis said in his interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

“I bet on him while he was coach for Empoli. This is the true story of his departure from Naples.”

In 2015, De Laurentiis chose Sari to be the coach of Naples, the latter lasted 3 years with the team before leaving for England.

Now, Sarri leads Juventus, who are fighting against Napoli in the Italian Cup final on Wednesday.

Sari is challenging his counterpart, Gennaro Gattuso, Napoli coach, in the highly anticipated final hosted by the Olympic Stadium in the capital, Rome.

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