“First Lieutenant Abdel Razek” in the selection series announces his recovery from the Corona virus


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The artist Alaa Arafa announced that he and his family were infected with the emerging coronavirus.

Alaa Arafa is one of the champions of the selection series that was shown last Ramadan.

And he said «Arafa» via «Facebook»: «I thank God for the best of my time and we are currently in the recovery period after the injury for a period of more than 21 days.

He added: “Thank God, the smears and analyzes are very good, and waiting for the rest of my family to leave hospital care in safety, God willing.”

He continued, “The purpose of this video is public awareness. It can benefit any person, even with simple information, and be a reason for healing a person or preventing corona.”

He concluded by saying: “The disease is not a defect and is not far from anyone, I wish we would take the issue seriously.”

“Arafa” played the role of “First Lieutenant Abdel Razek” in the selection series.

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