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The American broadcast giant Netflix platform broadcasts 44 Arab films, including 4 Tunisian films, for the first time, in order to enable a wide audience to discover an important part of the cinematic heritage of the Arab world.

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On Thursday, Netflix stated in a statement: “We added 44 Arab films that combine classic masterpieces and contemporary rising stars to give an opportunity to the platform’s subscribers to rediscover the masterpieces of cinema, which are an important part of Arab cinema heritage.

And provide a platform for talents and Arab filmmakers to discover more fans worldwide.

The statement added: “We are honored to share these classic and contemporary films with our members in the Arab world and all over the world.”

For the first time .. 44 Arabic films on

The broadcasting giant, which is headquartered in California, is broadcast on the Netflix platform Middle East and North Africa, films from the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria and Sudan, which were produced mostly in the period between 1976 and 2019.

For the first time .. 44 Arabic films on

Among the Tunisian films is the feature film “Noura Tilam” by Hind Boujemaa, which deals with unresolved issues under the pretext of customs and traditions through the story of a working mother who is subjected to material and moral violence.

The movie “Dashra”, which is considered the first Tunisian horror film directed by the young director Abdel Hamid Bouchnak, and “Bake Naish”, the first of the long cinematic works of the young director Mahdi Bersaoui, which deals with family relations and the limits of new freedoms after the 2011 revolution in Tunisia.

For the first time .. 44 Arabic films on

The three films were a great success when their shows started in 2019, as a young generation of Tunisian filmmakers and producers managed to address social and political issues, including individual freedoms, religious extremism, and women’s rights, which were subject to tight control before the 2011 revolution and presented in a bold proposition contributing to the emergence of “A new cinema.”

The program also includes the Algerian movie “Babisha” by Monia Medawar, and the Lebanese “Capernaum” by Lebanese Nadine Labaki, which deals with the story of children who are neglected and deprived of identification documents in Lebanon.

For the first time .. 44 Arabic films on

Among the classic cinematic works are the historical movie “Al Risala” by the late Syrian director Mustafa Al Akkad, “An Egyptian Story”, “The Other”, “Al Muhajir” by Egyptian Youssef Shaheen, and “Al Madina” and “Mercedes” for his citizen Yusri Nasrallah.

For the first time .. 44 Arabic films on

Netflix aims to enable more subscribers around the world to watch wonderful stories and give them an opportunity to see their lives displayed on the screen, according to the statement.

The statement notes that beautiful stories can come from anywhere and travel everywhere, to reach audiences outside their country or their mother tongue.

For the first time .. 44 Arabic films on

Netflix halted most of its production worldwide, in response to government-imposed closures due to the Corona pandemic.

The company announced that its profits increased so that the number of subscribers to its streaming services increased by about 16 million in the world during the first three months of this year, about half of them in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

For the first time .. 44 Arabic films on


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