For these reasons .. Rushdi Abaza asked a morning for the House of Obedience on the Honeymoon: “I hurt my manhood.”


They got married and divorced after two weeks.
One day in 1967, Rushdie met Abaza, the artist, Sabah in Lebanon, and she challenged him that he could not marry her, for fear of Samia Jamal, who was married to her at that time, and nervously, humor turned into a reality, and the challenge became a reality, when Rushdie took Abaza Sabah To Al-Mazoun the next day, to prove to her that he is not afraid of anyone, and indeed, they got married.
But the divorce was quick, and Sabah says that she “married Rushdie Nakaya with all the women.”
She explains: “He was their target, their prey, their axis and their lover, I entered the line and won it, and I left Rushdie, because during our drive-through in the Raouche area, he told me that he is the most important star on the ground, so I told him I am a star also and not only you, and I asked him to Drop me off, I came home with a taxi. And then, I decided to break up with him. On the second day, he sent me lots of roses and apologies but I refused. Rushdie was transformed into a different person when he met his fans, and he forgot his feet on the ground, and what disturbed him and others did not disturb me, because I was the one who requested the divorce, not him.
“Psychology” between two stars, marital life was destroyed, according to Sabah’s account, but what she said to Rushdi Abaza when she asked for a divorce was different.
She revealed that a dear relative soon threatened her with suicide if she did not ask for a divorce, and separated from Rushdie, Abaza tells the Lebanese Network magazine what happened: “I became morning between two fires: the suicide of the dear relative, and the fire of my loss forever .. And she chose the second, so she requested the divorce .. I asked for it in Raqqa, perhaps the best solution for us. ”
A crazy decision was natural – for both parties – to end quickly, but the oriental man, who was harassing the life of Rushdie Abaj Haj in his chest, and remembered the stewardship of the man over the woman, then he tore a letter he received from her asking for divorce.
His anger doubled when he read the news of Fayrouz’s divorce in Lebanese newspapers and magazines at the request of the Lebanese artist: “Boil the blood in my veins. You give the news to the journalists before we agree on the divorce ?, You know that the Lebanese journalists love them, so do you prepare them for me? .. Or do you want to raise my honor so read The news, and I hasten to say that it was I who divorced and actually sent to her with a divorce paper.
He did not sleep that night.
It was a difficult day, a woman, no matter who she was, declares that she asked to be away from the female lover, who scores behind every day, chasing him, for a look, not a link or marriage, and began to think about the reasons .. Is it the story of the suicide of a precious relative? Or a new love story for Sabah? New freak or betrayal? .. Or did he satisfy her desires on the honeymoon?
The search for a way out of the problem began that does not hurt the pride of Sabah, but his pride was on the edge, feeling that Sabah had insulted his manhood by asking for divorce, and by announcing that she was the one who requested the divorce, until he came out the next morning, and the journalists waited for him to comment on the news coming from the Lebanese newspapers: “Provoke me Before I arrange the response plan. ”
“Heartburn” prompted him to say what reflects his anger at the morning’s resort to the press before agreeing with him: “I told reporters: I will ask her for the house of obedience … this is Sharia.” He called Lawyer Labib Moawad for his knowledge of laws in Egypt and abroad, so he promised him to file a lawsuit, and win it And he told him: “I prepare a house of obedience befitting those who are like Sabah.”


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