“Gambling” cannot be the only resource .. Anani is angry at


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Sunday 07 June 2020

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Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that the ministry had a societal dialogue on the “Tourism and Antiquities Fund” law before it was issued.

Al-Anani added, during the meeting of the Tourism and Antiquities Committee in the House of Representatives, today, Sunday: “We send amicably on WhatsApp, listen to all opinions and then send the law formally, which is the clear mechanism by which we deal with all unions and rooms in all meetings.”

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities addressed his speeches to the deputies and the bodies objecting to the law, saying: “There are expenses needed by this sector and the private sector cannot be left does not put a pound to support the tourism sector, and the only resource for this sector cannot be gambling, and we say the company or facility pays 5 Thousands of pounds for the fund. “

Addressing his objections to the protesters, Al-Anani said, outraged: “Curses tourism and do not stand beside the private sector as we do … The state set itself to support the private sector, and it resorts to amending the antiquities law to increase the resources of the current fund, and the two funds are combined, even if this sector does not happen, and all Bishkek, and the country is making an effort to stimulate aviation and campaigns to stimulate tourism. “

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities continued: “We amend any legislation behind the federation, all in coordination,” denouncing the objection of some to the law, saying: “Is the defect is to obtain a fee without a law, and the defect is the development of the law to obtain fees and legalize the situation ?!”

It is worth noting that the law stipulated that a fund called “Tourism and Antiquities Fund” be established, with a legal personality, with headquarters in Cairo Governorate, and affiliated with the minister concerned with tourism and antiquities.

The fund aims to contribute with the relevant authorities in supporting and financing activities that work to develop and stimulate tourism, developing tourism services and areas and projects of the Supreme Council of Antiquities related to the restoration, preservation and maintenance of antiquities, the development of sites and archaeological areas, and building and developing Egyptian museums to advance and preserve the unique Egyptian cultural heritage for future generations And upgrade the country’s tourism system.

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