Geraldo refuses to “quote” a million dollars to leave Al-Ahly


The Angolan Giraldo da Costa rejected the Al-Ahly player, the price imposed by the Red officials to allow him to leave the end of the season for the Red Castle, and Geraldo received a tempting offer from the MCA to move to his ranks during the next season, after the past days witnessed contacts between the Angolan player and the Algerian club, but Geraldo did not express Enthusiasm for playing in the Algerian league and assured Mouloudia officials who negotiated with him through one of the players ’agents that he was not thinking of playing for any Arab league during the coming period.

To know the details of Al-Ahly’s pricing to approve the departure of Geraldo from here

Giraldo also rejected an offer from the Tunisian coastal star, but he rejected it for almost the same reason. Giraldo prefers between returning to the former club at the beginning of the Angolan August or playing in the Brazilian league, in which he played several seasons before leaving Angola and including Al-Ahly, after he refused to play the idea of ​​leaving for a Gulf league .

And previously, several clubs in the Gulf and Brazil have expressed their desire to include the Angolan player after his departure from the Red Castle became a matter of time, as the Swiss technical manager, Rene Filer, gave his club the green light to leave the player because the team did not need his efforts on the one hand and in order to contract with a foreign player on the other hand And Geraldo has offers from Arab foreign clubs and from Latin America, specifically from Brazil, along with an offer from his former club, the first of August Angolan, which will be decided by Geraldo during the coming period after his fate is settled with the Red Castle, and the player announced to his agent that his next destination will be outside Egypt, refusing The idea of ​​discussing any offers from Egypt when leaving Al-Ahly.


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