Granddaughter of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi reveals what Queen Rania did when she met her grandmother by chance


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The granddaughter of the Egyptian artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, narrated a situation that happened with her grandmother when she met the Queen of Jordan, Rania Al-Abdullah, by chance.

She said in a post that she shared on her Facebook account, directing her conversation to her grandmother: “My life in my life will never be forgotten when we were traveling, and we met the Queen of Jordan (Queen Rania) by chance, and I was young and I did not understand the situation.”

Rawdah, the granddaughter of Al-Jeddawi, added that when Queen Rania met her grandmother, she told her in English that she was one of her greatest fans.

Rawda added that after that Queen Rania got down on her knee and said to her: “You should be very proud of your grandmother.”

Then her granddaughter said Please Al-Jeddawi I found her about this incident: “It is not easy. This is a queen’s saying, but the impossible is that I am not proud of you, and that you are my role model, national and freeze and come back because I have nothing to do with you, I want to learn from you, my life will not be like you because I said it before that, and by saying it again It doesn’t exist twice. ”

And she was The daughter of Rajaa Al-JeddawiYesterday, Sunday, she revealed her condition after being plasma injected and the result of her latest smear.

Amira, daughter of the great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, said in a statement to “Masrawy”, that her mother’s health status is the same, as she is still present in the intensive care in the isolation hospital in Ismailia, on the CPAP (respiratory improvement device).

She added, “There is no development in the situation I call. She is very much praying.”

Asked if she had the result of a swab taken from her mother, after she had plasma injected to a person recovering from Corona VirusUnfortunately, the smear came up positive. The plasma was not real lucky.

It indicated that special research Plasma and patients are injected out, You have proven 80% successful compared to 20% you did not succeed with them. “

And she continued, “This is a share, hoping that God will grant her mother a recovery.”

The great actress Rajaa Al-Jeddawi spent 19 days inside the health isolation after being infected with the new Corona virus, as soon as she finished filming the series “The Game of Oblivion” that was broadcast last Ramadan, and entered the isolation on the night of Eid Al-Fitr.


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