Hala Shiha finally admits her remorse for plastic surgery .. and reveals what happened with her face


The artist, Hala Shiha, raised during the last Ramadan season a great state of controversy on the artistic scene, as she appeared in the series “Betrayal of the Covenant” with different features than it was, and with a bulging face, which made many guesses that she will undergo plastic surgery.

For her part, “Hala” expressed her remorse for performing cosmetic operations recently, explaining that she had distorted her face and that she had taken this decision in “The Moment of Jinan”.

She continued, during her meeting with the “Ninth” program, presented by the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, on “Al-Oula” channel, that she had made some cosmetic frills, and that the result was not satisfactory for her, noting that the time was “fat”, and began filming the series.

She also added that she felt bad what she did, during the filming of the first scenes of the series, but she was unable to modify anything, fearing that a worse outcome would happen.

Hala said that she had lost a lot of weight, so she wanted to inject her cheeks, so that she might appear swollen, but the result was that she had become a “double cheeks” – she said.


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