Handball .. postponing the Super Zamalek and the coastal star


The African Handball Confederation decided to postpone the African super match that was scheduled to take place between Zamalek and the coastal star indefinitely, with the abolition of the African Cup Winners Cup, in which Al-Ahly and the army were to participate.

The African Handball Federation announced several decisions regarding its champions, which were suspended due to the Covid 19 misdemeanor, known as the Corona Virus, as follows:

– The African Super match between Zamalek and the coastal star, which was scheduled for last April in Algeria, was postponed indefinitely.

– Canceling the African Cup Winners’ Cup, which was scheduled to take place last April in Algeria, and Al-Ahly and Talei Al-Jaish will have representatives from Egypt, where the red team is the title holder, while the Taleea team was the runner-up.

– Holding the African Club Champions League next November in Cairo.

– Holding two African youth and youth championships in Morocco next December.

– Holding the African Women’s Championship in June next year in Cameroon.

It is worth noting that the African Union had previously issued its decision to postpone the Super Cups and Cup of Cups during last March due to the misdemeanor of Corona virus.


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