Hani Hathout reveals the truth of FIFA’s letter to clubs on freedom to participate in the resumption of matches … video


The media, Hany Hathout, said that the FIFA, did not send a letter giving clubs or players the freedom to participate in training or matches.

Hani Hathout added, during the “Match” program on the channel “Echo of the Country”, that the International Football Association “FIFA”, had previously sent a letter to all sports federations last March, and gave players the freedom to join teams or not, and this has nothing to do with local competitions .

Hani Hathout explained that FIFA gave governments the freedom to determine the fate of sports activity, which is what happened on the part of the Egyptian government, which announced the return of sports activity, and the completion of the current season, instead of starting a new season.

It is noteworthy that the Interim Five-Year Committee in the Football Association headed by Amr Al-Janayni held many meetings with the Premier League clubs and the second division and the coaches of the clubs in order to reach a consensus formula on the return of the Premier League and get acquainted with their vision about the preparation period, in addition to discussing the clubs in the amendments to the bylaws.


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