Has the Corona Virus Become Less Deadly for Egyptians? … Official figures and statements clarify the situation


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3 months was the duration of the emergence of the new Corona virus, in Egypt, since the first case was recorded in March of a foreign person, and the last period witnessed a fluctuation in numbers, but did the Corona virus become less fierce in the Egyptian street despite the registration of more than a thousand infections daily during the last period?.

In a meeting between President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Minister of Health Hala Ziyad, the latter reviewed, last Wednesday, the current situation regarding the rates of coronavirus infection at the republic level, which are mainly concentrated in the vicinity of Greater Cairo.

She pointed out that the increasing numbers of infections are still in the reassuring framework compared to other countries with a similar population in Egypt, where she notes the decrease in the number of critical cases, the constant death rate and the speed of recovery among the injured, and stressed the continued ability of the medical sector to deal with the current epidemiological situation, both in terms of Hospital capacity, or provision of updated medical treatment protocols.

These statements indicating that the virus has become less fierce than in the past three months, were noted, as Chancellor Nader Saad, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, stated that despite the high incidence of new Coronavirus (Covid 19) daily infections during the month of June, which recorded More than a thousand injuries, but most injuries are minor, which gives a reassuring indication.

According to a number of statements made by a spokesman for the Council of Ministers to some satellite channels Thursday, he confirmed yesterday evening Thursday that “Coved 19” has become less fierce than it was 3 months ago globally, explaining that more than 85% of the new injuries suffer from symptoms. Simple.
He mentioned that infections that suffer from simple symptoms of the emerging corona virus respond to treatment at home and do not need hospitalization, stressing, “The severity of the lethality of the virus has become less in all countries of the world.”

Before the Minister of Health and the cabinet speaker, the President’s Health Adviser, Dr. Awad Taj Eddin, had a similar opinion last May that the virus would turn out to be less fierce, as he said in televised comments: “The virus will be like a seasonal flu, and it will happen after society is Collective immunity against the virus and over time turns into a less fierce virus, ”he continued.“ Over time, the virus will turn into less fierce, and it will remain a normal virus that societies coexist with. ”

But what is the situation on the global level? According to Dr. Hassan Zomorli, a doctor at Pavia Hospital, Italy, he said in an article via the cnbcarabia network, that the latest data for the course of the Corona virus pandemic showed a significant decrease in the proportion of critical infections from the total Covid19 patients worldwide. 5% in the first months of infection, to 2% in recent weeks, in favor of minor and moderate injuries, most of which are recovering, as a result of the decrease in the number of patients who need to enter intensive care departments, and thus a decrease in the number of deaths around the world.

But what is Egypt’s ranking of the world’s countries in the emerging virus infections ?:

Egypt ranks in the number of HIV infections and deaths compared to the countries of the world according to the most recent update via the website of the Council of Ministers, ranked 78 in the death rate of the total number of infected, and comes in 185th in the recovery rate, or 26.9%, compared to all countries and regions on The world level in which HIV infections arose, as for the total infections per million, it ranked 103rd, and 30th in the number of people infected with HIV out of 215 regions and countries around the world.

According to the last statistic of Corona Virus in Egypt, the total total infections so far have reached 39,726 since the virus first surfaced last March, while the total deaths reached 1377, while the total recovered reached 10,691.

Around the world, the number of injuries worldwide reached 7 million, 616 thousand and 598, and the total number of disabled reached 3 million, 854 thousand and 964, while the total deaths were 424 thousand and 227.
And the rate of cure of coronavirus around the world is approximately 50.07%, exceeding the cure rate of coronavirus, thus reducing the barrier of half, in a historic achievement related to the journey to control the “Covid-19” disease.

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