Hazem Imam: The return of the league is difficult due to injuries … and the Matlouthi is approaching Zamalek


Hazem Imam, the star of Zamalek and the former national team of Egypt, confirmed that Tunisian Hamza Mathlouthi, the leader of the Tunisian Sfaxian, is approaching Zamalek, and the little fox in his program said that he said on Radio On Sport, “Zamalek is close to contracting Hamza Mathlouthi, the star of Sfaxi, which is a good decision with renewal of Hazem In front of the right-back of the team, there must be a distinguished player with Hazem, and even if Zamalek contracted with Mathlouthi, I think he will sacrifice the Congolese Kasongo from his foreign players, while if he decides to support the right front with a local player, there are distinguished players in the Egyptian league, such as Karim El Iraqi, the Egyptian player Port Said and the Olympic team. ” .

On the return of the league, the little fox said, “The difficult league is back, we all see the size of the injuries in the European leagues that came back after a long pause, if the league returns the clubs within weeks, there will be many injuries in its influential stars, the story is very difficult, a group at the technical level.”

Hamza Mathlouthi, the leader of Tunisian Sfaxien and the right-back of the team, is awaiting the last confirmation from Zamalek to join the white team, after the negotiations reached an advanced stage between the two parties in the recent period, but the White Administration is slowing in the file of foreign deals, pending the settlement of the fate of football activity this season, where The commander of Sfaxien is awaiting the arrival signal to Cairo in order to end the contracting procedures with Zamalek.

It is welcomed Hamza Mathlouthi By joining Zamalek in the new season, after receiving offers from many clubs during the recent period beside his club’s desire to continue in his ranks, however, the Tunisian full back puts Zamalek as the first option after the end of his contract with the Tunisian club at the end of the current season, due to his desire to run A new experience besides the great white team’s popularity, its participation in the different tournaments, its desire to play next to its fellow Ferjani Sassi, the white team midfielder, where the duo are linked to a strong relationship, and Sassi always highlight how comfortable he feels inside Zamalek, whether in the treatment by the club’s management or the love of fans The team is for white players and their support is at all times, so Mathlouthi prefers to join the ranks of Mit Aqabah Castle next season.

The delay by Zamalek comes in the last confirmation regarding the completion of the Matlothy deal, pending the stance of football activity this season, so that White can know the number of foreign players in the next season before completing the deals officially, especially in light of the possession of dead sons of 7 foreign players among the team.


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