“He gave his blood to 3 people.” “Masrawy” with Assiut medic on the donation trip


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Friday 12 June 2020

Assiut – Mahmoud Agami:

“Saving the life of his colleague” The motivator of the paramedic, Mohamed Shawky, was donated by the ambulance unit of the Filio village of the Abutig Center in Assiut Governorate, to the “plasma of the recovered” after recovering from the Corona virus, and his discharge from the isolation hospital in the university city.

“I contacted Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, director of the ambulance facility in Assiut, and I explained my desire to donate” plasma “to save the life of my colleague paramedic Khaled Mohamed who was infected with Corona virus,” he said during his talk to Masrawy. And, after my knowledge of the virus, it was being treated at Al-Rajhi University Hospital in Assiut, after my knowledge that the “plasma of the recovered” contained antibodies to the virus, which might contribute greatly to improving his condition.

“Shawky” added: I went to Assiut University Hospital, to find out the methods used in this matter, and after arriving at the blood bank of the university hospital, I spoke with Dr. Azza Mahmoud, a professor at the Department of Clinical Pathology, and Dr. Iman Nasruddin, head of the blood bank unit, and told them that I will donate With “plasma” by my colleague “Khaled” inside Al-Rajhi University Hospital, and I have no objection to donating to two other people if their critical condition requires it.

“Shawky” explained: “After completing the withdrawal of a sample of” 800 cm plasma “, I signed a declaration that I agree to donate” plasma “to 3 people whose names are listed, and after reviewing an official report stating the negative of the last smear taken from me after recovering from” Corona ” , And filling out a medical questionnaire to ensure my health and safety, I underwent a rapid medical examination to measure the temperature, pulse and blood pressure, and to ensure the presence of immune antibodies to the virus, and a complete blood image was done to determine the blood type and tests that proved not to carry viral diseases.

And the medic continued, saying: “I thank God for recovering from infection with” Corona “virus.

And on his journey from injury to recovery, paramedic Mohamed Shawky said: “My story with the infection of” Corona “virus started on May 21, after my participation in the transfer of a sick woman from one of the private hospitals in the center of Abbotig to the chest hospital in Assiut, but I did not know that it Infected with corona. “

“Shawqi” added: “The next day at seven in the morning, I received a call from Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, director of the ambulance facility in Assiut, that the woman who was transferred to the chest hospital in Assiut, showed the results of the tests that were conducted before her death on the positive of infection with Corona virus.”

Mazen pointed out that the director of the ambulance facility in Assiut sent me an ambulance for suspected cases of infection with the “Corona” virus, instead of taking a microbus to protect the lives of citizens, and then I went to the Fever Hospital in Assiut, to conduct a survey and analysis to indicate the extent of my infection with the virus.

“Shawqi” continued: “I stayed in the Assiut Fever Hospital, a period of 3 days, until the results of the analyzes and samples that showed positive for infection of” Corona “were shown, then I was transferred to the Isolation Hospital in the University City of Assiut to receive medical care and treatment, and I learned of the negativity of the second sample and recovery from” Corona “This June 2, and I received the news of recovery thanks to God, because I lived 14 days of the most difficult days of my life.”

The medic continued: “I was bullied by my family and relatives in the village of Nazlet Baqour, after they learned of my infection with” Corona “virus, even when I went out and recovered to recover, I find the treatment and the view of the people did not change, and this is something that hurts me most.”

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