“He played the role of Dobbler to Rushdie Abaza after his death.” .. The beautiful response of Hussein P.


9:00 AM

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

Today, the 102nd anniversary of the artist Salah Nazmi’s birthday is born, as he was born on June 24, 1918, and the distinguished star was distinguished by providing various roles that made the audience turn to him by appearing in the cadre.

We show you the most important information about the late artist.

His full name is Salahuddin Ahmed Darwish

He was born in Alexandria and his father worked as a journalist, but he died while Salah was six years old.

He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and worked as an engineer after graduation.

– Given his love for acting, since he was a student in school, he worked with the Fatima Rushdie Band and the Ramses Theater.

Submitted over 200 works.

One thousand works: “The accused, the zero hour.”

– The name (Nazmi) is not his family name, and it came by chance when he was a student reading poetry in a beautiful way, so one of the teachers heard him and said: Who organized this poetry, and the student replied: He is from Nazmi, so the teacher said: So you are now your name, Nazmi, according to the cinema website.

– His only son, Hussein, said that his father was deeply saddened after the death of his wife, adding, in one of the television interviews: “It was the first time I saw him as a wife.”

– Hussein said that his father was very at home, and imposed calm on the house once he entered.

– His son was named Hussein, in response to Jamil Hussein Sidqi, who contracted him with a movie and gave him a great presenter, when he learned that he was going through financial hardship before having his son.

– He played the role of Dobbler by the artist Rushdie Abaza, who died while filming the mighty “1980” film, so he completed the scenes without appearing.


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