“He seemed weak.” Why did Trump get angry when he revealed his hiding in the basement of the House


11:03 am

Tuesday 02 June 2020

Washington – (dpa):

An informed American source revealed that President Donald Trump was angry at the reports that revealed his hiding in the fortified basement in the White House during the protests around the presidential residence, and told his aides that he wanted to appear outside the headquarters gates.

CNN quoted an unnamed source on Tuesday, saying that the US President expressed his frustration that he was photographed as worried about the protests outside the White House and hid underground in the dungeon basement, believing that he looked weak.

He stated that Trump’s desire to appear at the scene of the protests was one of the reasons he went out to take a picture in front of St. John’s Church near the White House, which was preceded by the use of tear gas by the police to purify the area of ​​peaceful protesters.

Trump headed yesterday evening, Monday, under heavy security, from the White House to St. John’s Church, which was affected by sabotage Sunday night. Trump stood in front of the church to take pictures, holding up the Bible, saying, “We have a great country.”

Sources revealed to the network that Trump, his wife Melania and their son Barron were taken to the fortified basement in light of the protests outside the White House on Friday evening. Trump did not show up on Sunday and spent most of Monday behind closed doors, which worried even his allies that he was absent at the moment of a national crisis.

Protests flared across the United States after the murder of George Floyd, an African American citizen who appeared in a video clip as he struggled to catch his breath while a white policeman kneeled on his neck.

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