“He slept on the bed like a fuller.” Aus Aws reveals the details of his son’s death


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In his first comment, the artist Mohamed Osama, the star of Egypt Theater, and the famous Osos Os, published a post through his account on the social networking site Instagram, to confirm the death of his son naturally after several rumors spread about the cause of death.

Os Aws wrote, “We belong to God and to Him we shall return … God have mercy on you, O my beloved, thirsty for the one who created you, and death is normal, and he was sleeping on the bed like a fool … Our Lord will be patient with you.”

Aws Aws apologized to his friends and followers for not answering, either by phone or messages, asking everyone to pray for his wife.

Rumors circulated by users of social media that the artist’s son died after falling to the ground, unconscious, but “AWS AWS” denied the matter.

And died, on Sunday, the son of the artist Mohamed Osama (Aws Aws), three months after his birth, after he fell in the house, and is scheduled to be buried in the family graves in Salah Salem.

It is mentioned that the child is called “Ali” and he is the second son of the artist Mohammed Osama.

And Os Aus recently celebrated the birth of his oldest son and sent a message to him via Facebook saying: “My son, my friend and my beloved every year, and you are good and I wish to see you and your brother as the best people in the world with your loving love and our Lord, make you alone for some and make you happy for my beloved.”

It is worth noting that the artist Muhammad Osama participated in the last Ramadan race in the series (Two in the Box) accompanied by the artist Hamdi Al-Mirghani, the artist Salah Abdullah and the artist Intisar. It was written by Loay Al-Sayed and directed by Muhammad Mustafa.

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