Health: 2500 daily casualties, Corona, the highest peak that Egypt will reach


Hadeel Hilal

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Thursday 4 June 2020 – 10:21 PM
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Thursday 4 June 2020 – 10:21 PM

Dr. Hussam Hosni, Chairman of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Virus at the Ministry of Health and Population, said that recording 2,500 daily infections with the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19) is the maximum peak that Egypt will reach, denying the ability to set a peak date.

He added during a telephone interview to the program, “Al-Masry Effendi”, broadcast on the “Cairo and People” satellite channel, on Thursday evening, that Corona virus infections in Egypt will fluctuate between ups and downs during the coming period, pointing out that the numbers decreased during the past days; Because of the increased awareness of citizens.

Regarding reducing the duration of the quarantine for those returning from abroad to a week, he pointed out that the returnees make sure that they do not suffer from “Covid-19” when they perform the analysis before boarding the plane and upon arriving in the country, pointing out the possibility of resorting to the application of domestic isolation in this case.

Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Health and Population announced the registration of 1152 new cases that proved positive for its analysis of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) and 38 deaths; Increasing the number of injuries to 29,797 injuries in Egypt.

The ministry pointed out that the number of cases whose laboratory results had been transformed from positive to negative for the new corona virus increased to 8793, including 7756 recoverers.

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