“Health” identifies 6 vegetables and fruits to strengthen immunity against corona: adhere


3:30 PM

Sunday 21 June 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy

The Ministry of Health and Population has identified a group of vegetables and fruits to strengthen the immune system against the emerging coronavirus, as a benefit of 19.

The ministry, through an educational leaflet on Facebook, called for a commitment to eating it daily, and the types came as follows:

Vegetables rich in immune-fortifying vitamin A:

– Tomatoes and carrots.

– Pepper and colors.

Potatoes and honey squash.

Fruits rich in immune-fortified vitamin C:

Oranges and tangerines.

Strawberry and guava

– Kiwi and lemon.

The Ministry always publishes educational publications and recommends eating certain foods and drinks to strengthen immunity, including:

– A salad dish that boosts immunity and consists of fresh vegetables, which is a rich source of vitamins and boosts immunity.

Red is like tomato and red pepper.

Yellow like (yellow pepper and carrots).

Green like (cucumber, watercress, lettuce).

White like (radish and onions).

Violet like (beets).

White Honey Booster Immunity:

A tablespoon of white honey on a cup of water in the morning raises immunity and purifies the air in the evening.

– A cup of orange juice in carrots:

Orange juice with carrots is a source of the most important vitamins, and the carrots are rich in vitamin A that boosts the immune system.

Orange is the richest fruit with vitamin C, which protects against infectious diseases.

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