Health reveals the cause of high corona mortality and age groups for which household isolation is not beneficial


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, revealed the reasons for the increase in deaths, saying: “Some cases when its results appear positive and we call them to send ambulances to transport the patient to the hospital, they refuse, and when his condition deteriorates, they bring him to the hospital, but he dies.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said during a telephone conversation with the media, Sharif Amer, on the “Speaking in Egypt” program broadcast on MBC Egypt, that the owners of chronic diseases, pregnant women and the elderly who are infected with Corona virus “Covid 19”, must be transferred to isolation hospitals To receive treatment under the supervision and care of doctors, indicating that their stay at home endangers their lives.He pointed out that most of the deaths are from the older age 55 and over, or 60 or more, adding that 50% of deaths come in a very late state.

Mujahid stressed, “We do not have a crisis in hospitals, and there are 350 hospitals available nationwide to receive and examine patients and provide isolation places.”

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