Here ascetic defends itself after widespread controversy because of the “image”

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The Egyptian actress, Hana Al-Zahed, defended herself, after a wide controversy raised by a picture in which she appears from a recent celebration marking the end of filming her latest movie “The Washing Machine”.

The picture shows that many artists and workers in the movie gathered while cutting the cake to celebrate the end of filming, without observing adherence to precautionary measures such as “social spacing” and wearing masks, which exposed Here is ascetic And her colleagues are criticized on social media.

She explained here ascetic in her meeting with a program “ET Arabia” on the MBC4 satellite channel. The film crew was committed to the preventive measures throughout the filming period, adding that the numbers were not large, and it was seeking to keep a distance between them and the participating artists, as well as its eagerness to sterilize her hands all the time. .

Al-Zahid pointed out that she had to complete filming the film because it started a while ago before the new “Corona” virus crisis, stressing that if she was offered to start filming the movie now, she would have refused.

And co-starring in the movie “The Washing Machine”, Mahmoud Hamida, Ahmed Hatem and Bayoumi FouadSherine Reda Ahmed Fathi and Muhammad Salam, written by Adel Salib and directed by Essam Abdel Hamid.


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