Here is asceticism to “Mahmoud Hamida” .. I would have had the honor of standing before you


Young artist here, Zahid, was keen to direct special words to the able artist Mahmoud Hamida, after she shared with him in her new movie “The Washing Machine”, and Zahid published a picture that she collected by artist Mahmoud Hamida through her account on Instagram.

She commented on her saying: “It would have been an honor for me to stand before you in the movie, The Washing Machine.” The photo was filmed during the filming of the last scenes of the work. Yesterday, the film stars celebrated the end of filming.

It is new to mention that the movie “The Washing Machine” takes place in a scientific comic framework, which is the second collaboration between the artist Hana Al Zahed and Ahmed Hatem after the success of their movie “Love Story”, and it is scheduled to be released after the opening of the cinemas.

The film “The Washing Machine” includes a group of artists, including the able artist Mahmoud Hamida, Hana Zahid, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Hatem, Hana Al Zahed, Muhammad Salam, and others. It was written by Adel Salib, directed by Essam Abdel Hamid.


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